Hindi Poem

Pyare Bapuji Saachai ka lekar shastra, Aur Ahinsa ka lekar astra. Tunne apna desh bachaya, Goron ko tha door bhagaya. Dushman se bhi pyar kiya, Manav par upkaar kiya. Gandhi ! karte tujhe naman, Tujhe chadate prem-suman. ————————————————————- Ek-Ek yadi tum paed lagao, To tum baag...

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DARTER Colour – White, yellowish and black Habitat – The Darter can be found in waemer parts of all continents, except in Europe. Food Habit - Carnivorous. Mainly fish. Size – A large one is about 90 cm long. Interesting Fact- Also known as ‘ Snakebird’, referring to the bird’s characteristic, snake-like way of moving its kinked neck from...

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Cuckoo Colour – Comes in a wide range of shades. The species illustrated is orange, black and white. Habitat – The Cuckoo is found in all temperate and tropical parts of the world. Food Habit - Insects and fruits. Size – Varies among the species. Interesting Fact- About 40 percent of the species are parasitic, laying eggs in the nests of other birds. The eggs...

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Crested Swift

CRESTED SWIFT Colour – Bluish gray, white and orange Habitat – Swifts are found worldwide. Food Habit - Insectivorous. Size – About 20 cm long. Interesting Fact- Swifts capture insects while flying. The Crested Swift can fly at speed of over 100 km/hr. The fastest is the spin tailed swift, which can attain speed up to 240 km/hr. Even drinking water is performed...

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BUDGERIGAR Colour – Comes in a variety of colours, especially blue, yellow and white. Habitat – Budgerigars are found in the drier parts ofAustralia. Food Habit - Herbivorous. Feeds on grass and seed. Size – Approximately 5 Inches. Interesting Fact- They belongs to the family of the parakeets. They are small birds, and in the wild they travel in large flocks...

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Poems for Toddlers

As shadows and shapes appear on the wall, One by one you spaek to them all, A misty figure resembling a cat, becomes your friend and together you chat, A droplet of rain in the shape of the moon, Is another ‘guest’ that visits your room. Together you laugh and giggle with glee, If only adults could see what you see.
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Famous Persons

Name the first President of the Republic of India.. 1. Subhash Chandra Bose 2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad 3. Dr.S Radhakrishnan 4. Zakir HussainWho founded the International University at Shantiniketan ? 1. Amartya Sen. 2. Mahatma Gandhi 3. Debendranath Tagore 4. Rabindranath TagoreWho was the First Indian to go in space ? Kalpana Chawla Rakesh Sharma Ravish Malhotra Sunil SharmaWho was...

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पानी बचाएँ बने महान

पानी तो अनमोल है उसको बचा के रखिये बर्बाद मत कीजिये इसे जीने का सलीका सीखिए पानी को तरसते हैं धरती पे काफी लोग यहाँ पानी ही तो दौलत है पानी सा धन भला कहां पानी...

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What is bar code ?

A               bar code is computerized information encoded in a pattern of black and white lines represent IS and OS and can be read by light. bar code is used to store data of all kinds like stock number, the price and membership number etc. The code scanned by a light beam, when a beam of light is passed over the bar code only the white lines reflect back the...

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