Our Body – Age 5

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Internal Organs
Let us now learn about the inside of our body. The brain, stomach, lungs and heart are some internal organs.

The brain is the organ inside the head that controls every organ in
our body. Our movement, senses and memory are controlled by
the brain. The skull is made of thick bones that protect the brain,
eyes and tongue.

Lungs are a pair of organs in the chest that we use for breathing.
When we breathe in, our lungs fill up with air. When we breathe
out, the air that you do not need is pushed out of our lungs. Lungs
expand and contract when we breathe.

The stomach receives the food from our mouth. It is a large bag
shaped organ. The stomach churns up and mashes the food before
it is digested. When our stomach is empty, we hear sounds
coming from it.

The heart is an organ on the left side of the chest that pumps blood
to all parts of the body. It is almost the size of our fist. We hear the
heart beat when it squeezes and relaxes to pump blood.
When we exercise, our heart beats faster.

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