Fun facts

  • Cats and dogs lick their bodies to clean themselves.
  • A long time ago, people wrote with the pointy end of feathers dipped in ink Today pens have ink inside of them instead.
  • Birds sit high on telephone wires and treetops to get a good view of things they might want for lunch, like bugs and berries.
  • Hippos live both under water and on land. Baby hippos are born under water.
  • Koalas hardly ever drink water. They get almost all their liquids from the juice of eucalyptus leaves, their favorite food.
  • Octopuses have eight arms.
  • Babies have more bones than grown-ups. You’re born with about 300 bones, but when you’re grown up you end up with around 206. What happens? As you get older some of your small bones grow together into big ones.
  • Zebras are actually white, with black stripes.