Semordnilaps are Lewis Carroll’s version of palindromes. These are words that spell other words when reversed. Evil – live deliver – reviled pin – nip not – ton stressed – desserts was – saw gateman – nametag deliver – reviled straw – warts star – rats lived – devil live – evil diaper – repaid smart – trams spit...

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Anagrams are words or phrases that can be scrambled to make other words or phrases. Some examples are : Orchestra = carthorse, A decimal point = I’m a dot in place. Angered – enraged, derange, grenade, grandee Lustre – result, rustle, rulest, Ulster Animal Anagram – low – owl, acts – cats, bare – bear, sales – seals.
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Palindromes are words or groups of words which can be spelled the same backwards or forwards. The following are two examples of palindromes : ‘ Able was I ere I saw Elba’ ‘Madam, I am Adam’. Palindromes in ancient Sanskrit Palindromes of considerable complexity were experimented with in Sanskrit poetry. This sanskrit poem was written by “nandi-ghanta kavis” in kanda...

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